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Long Long Story 

Taylary ( Tay Lianwei ) is from a country in asia that is about 63% the size of Hongkong. 

He first got his hands on Design when in 2005 his tee entry in an inter-school club tee design competition got his school a Champion Trophy, it was this time he first self learn Design. That awaken his creativity awareness and brought him to study Digital media Design and then furthering his creativity awareness in LASALLE College of the Arts. 

He competes numerous international competitions to improve on his Design and puts his creativity awareness into works on Tees that got him awards along the way. 

He travel in his solo quest to create a concept culture in which he travels to places to understand other urban culture.

As of now he has been to 

 / Hongkong / Seoul / Taipei / Shanghai / Tokyo / London



Collab - Uniqlo GrandPrix T-Shirt Design 2017

Top3 - M1 T-Shirt Design 2011

Top List - Uniqlo GrandPrix T-Shirt Design 2011

Finalist - IIDA GreenHeart DESIGN 2010(Incheon)

Finalist - Ten images Poster 2007